About the Artist

Artist Elton Brunetti Oil Painting

Elton Brunetti, married, father of two, resident in Francisco Beltrão – PR, started his drawing studies working with comics where he developed and perfected the anatomical, light and shadow and perspective.

 Artist for 20 years with over 1.000 canvases already produced and sold in Brazil and abroad.

Style based on academic / classical and hyper-realistic, with references to great masters of the century.  XVI – XIX.

He has works published and awarded by the magazines “Painting on Canvas” and “Gallery on Canvas”.

Lover of art history with great emphasis on baroque and neoclassical art.  One of his great sources of inspiration is Caravaggio, the Baroque master, and Adolph Willian Boughereau, the most influential 19th-century realistic artist.

Some Works of the Artist