Drawing for Canvas Painting Course

Learn how to develop scene composition and drawing for canvas painting.

With 100% Practical classes, the student has a powerful tool at hand to start creating their own works.

Complete course in 10 lessons.

Teaching Schedule

  • Framework;
  • Perspective;
  • Scene angles;
  • Composition montage;
  • Design principles;
  • Transferring to the screen;

Complete approach to the five main themes of painting:

  1. Portrait;
  2. Animal figures;
  3. Landscape;
  4. Dead nature;
  5. Floral;

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Models of Drawings that will be worked on in the course

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As it is a course in a different language than Professor Elton Brunetti, due to the difficulty in communication and understanding for not speaking this language, this online course has no advice from the teacher.

But rest assured, classes are step by step and easy to understand.